Focused on people development and improving profitability through top class procurement


I am motivated by seeing people develop, cross functional team work  and improving profitability through the use of a structured fact-based approach, combined with personal skills.

Over 25 years I have worked on strategic transformation initiatives focused on people development, cross functional team development and bringing superior performance and profit to companies.

"Keith is maybe the most professional procurement person I ever have worked with. This combined with huge people knowledge and solid approach towards people development makes him an super asset for any organisation needing procurement transformation, optimisation and serious cost out program planning and execution".

I believe that by combining the key aspects of high performing teams with a focus on personal development, performance management and simple procurement tools it is possible to significantly increase procurement performance and profitabilty.



The ingredients? Phsycological safety (speaking up without fear of consequences), reliability (delivering as agreed), clarity in what to do, meaning and impact


Developing and implementing a simple Vision, Strategy and Plan with practical actions that have impact


Taking full personal accountability is key to success. Telling the unvarnished truth and admitting your weaknesses is key to your own and team development


Simple and effective tools enable improved performance and profitability


"Keith is a skilled Procurement professional and Senior Leader who brings a tremendous amount of energy and compassion to his work. Employees at all levels of the organization are drawn to Keith; his passion is infectious and motivating".

"Keith's leadership of his team and ability to work with them was an example to all. He did not expect anyone to undertake anything he would not do and from this approach gained maximum respect and sucess from all around him".

"He handles all people with respect and care, as well as he also challenges and motivates. Very inspiring to observe! I give Keith my very best recommendations".

"Keith ... is capable of handling extreme work pressure and is able to anticipate the political as well as practical implications of decisions made".

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Keith Forsyth, BA (Hons), MSc


25+ years leading procurement transformations, strategic projects and global procurement organisations.

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